You do light up my life, Mom!


While gearing up for the National Stationery Show (in NYC May 18-21), I nearly forgot about Mother’s Day – sorry Mom! Luckily there was still enough time to get in touch with Andy & Jane at Benchpressed (Minneapolis) and Gina at Papersheep (Brooklyn) to sneak in a Mother’s Day order and a few new Father’s Day cards as part of the Lovely Somethings Curated Collection. Gratefully they are such amazing people to work with, the cards arrived in no time, actually in just enough time for my mom to see them, now I need to come up with a new card just for her. The “funny” part to this story goes something like this…a couple of friends viewed the cards separately and said they thought the above card Light Up My Life was kind of, totally weird for Mother’s Day. As i mentioned Mom got a sneak peek and of course that same card was her very favorite – I won’t say she cried, but she did mention that she would have loved to receive that card – surprise ruined. Then just last night I was watching one of my favorite new TV shows, Surviving Jack, set in the 90s – oh so long ago, and the episode was about the mom and her teenage son no longer being best friends, at least not in public. This of course made me think back to those days when I stopped kissing my mom goodbye when she dropped me off at Fairlawn Elementary, or the ever-so-dramatic teenage years and of course now to the place where like she and her mom, my mom and I are great friends, and I know her well enough to know that she and moms across the country will appreciate the fact that their kids know that they truly light up our lives. And after Sunday this card will go back to the “Everyday” section for the mushy romantics, but for now, it’s all for you Mom – I love you!

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