Local Web Design Firm Bursting at the Seams


5.18.2006 – Mike Rasor

iMMiX STUDiO’s sales tripled in second year

If Akron could clone anyone, LeBron James comes to mind first.

Then, perhaps, is Liz Remmel (now Scott).

Remmel and two partners founded Immix Studios two years ago. Through innovation and hard work, the three young entrepreneurs have rapidly expanded their Web design firm.

The company has moved into a larger office, begun offering new services and even spun off a subsidiary — all in the past six months.

“It has been amazing in two years the amount we’ve been able to grow,” said Remmel, the firm’s creative director.

Northeast Ohio needs to focus on businesses like Immix, said Kurt Minson, past president of the TorchBearers, a group that strives to bring young professionals to Akron.

“It is absolutely crucial,” Minson said. “If companies are home-grown, they are probably going to be here for the long haul. What we really need to do is nurture entrepreneurs that will become our Goodyears.”

For now, Immix is still speaking about revenue in terms of thousands, rather than billions, but its bottom line is rising rapidly.

The company’s 2005 sales were about $225,000 — three times higher than in 2004. In one year, Immix also doubled its business client list to about 50.

Immix was expanding so quickly that it outgrew its office on Braewick Circle in Akron.

Move to downtown

In January, the firm moved to the Dickson Transfer Building on High Street in downtown Akron’s historic district. In April, Immix added one full-time and two part-time employees.

“Our business had grown to such an extent that we needed more room for clients,” Remmel said.

Besides having more space, moving downtown has given Immix more opportunities to network with other businesses.

Most of Immix’s new business, however, has come through recommendations from clients, many of which are nonprofit organizations such as the Akron Press Club, Akron Area Arts Alliance and Akron Garden Club.

“People go to our Web site and say, ‘Who did your work?’ ” said Jessie Raynor, director of the Akron Area Arts Alliance. Immix “has done Web sites for many of the arts alliance members.”

Their work stacks up to any of the more experienced firms in the area, Raynor said.

“They are very professional,” she said. “They know their business.”

Separate operations

The three young partners say even more growth is on the way, and it will come through restructuring.

A year ago, Immix had three separate functions: It offered Web site hosting and design, computer networking help for businesses and computer tech support for individual home users.

Last month, the partners split Immix in two, intending to give the technology department its own image.

Immix’s other two owners, brothers Patrick and Jon Carroll, who have backgrounds in business and information technology, respectively, turned that sector of the company into Pat’s Computer Rescue in Hudson. They repair computers and offer networking help for individuals.

Since moving to Hudson a few weeks ago with two part-time workers, Pat’s Computer Rescue has added 50 home clients to a list that had numbered 350, Patrick said.

“Things are going great,” Patrick said. “We have had a real positive response so far.”

The partners say they will do the same thing soon with their small business computer networking sector.

It is under the Immix name, but Patrick said he hopes that by breaking off that operation, they may be able to market it separately and increase its client base. Currently, Immix services 20 small businesses with computer networking.

Immix might never become another Goodyear, but its owners say they hope to become an Akron fixture.

“It’s very exciting. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Patrick said. “We love the fact that we’re in charge of our future.”

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