Our Picks for Pen + Pencil Lovers ✒️✏️


For Those Self-Proclaimed Writing Utensil Nerds 📝

1. Drumroll please…we are KIND OF freaking out about this amazing Blackwing starting point set. 4 Blackwing pencils, 2 Point Guards, 1 Black Long Point Sharpener and 2 packs of Replacement Erasers for under $40. THESE WILL SELL OUT! Order now.

2. Made in Milan, these funky pencils from Write Sketch + perfectly add a pop of color to any desk and write so smooth.

3. The perfect fountain pen for starters and professionals. The Perkeo by Kaweco comes in a variety of colors and is a must-have!

4. Because everyone needs a cute hedgehog eraser in their life…

5. A great gift for illustrators, the Pencil Works Kit from ooly provides a variety of lead-types for creating depth in art.

6. Everything about Noodler’s Ink is made in the USA – from caps, to glass, to ink. They offer a wide range of ink shades – all with unique properties – that pair well with their various pens and other luxury fountain pens, too.

7. In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite Le Pen is now available with a brush tip, aka Le Pen Flex! These are great for everyday writing and brush lettering.

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