Frequently Asked Questions

Do you (Lovely Somethings/Liz Scott) design everything shown on this site? Simply, no. Merchandise in our shop is all selected by Liz from artists across the country, and now internationally as well. Our Lovely Somethings product line is constantly growing as well, design by Liz and printed as locally as possible.

How long have you been doing this? The short answer, professionally designing invitations: 16 years, owning the Lovely Somethings shop, approaching 4 years. LEARN MORE >

I’m trying to figure out what the font is from an invitation I saw in a magazine, can you help? My suggestion is to take a photo with your phone or scan the page and visit: What the Font! at >

I have a design, can you print it? Unfortunately no. We have run into too many issues with clients providing low resolution images and expectations of colors on monitors versus actual printing that we do not offer this service.

Can you print my guests’ addresses on envelopes for me? If I designed your wedding invitations, YES. Unfortunately if I didn’t design them, I’m not able to offer that service for 2 reasons: 1. Our printers are currently running at max capacity with our brides’ invitations/envelopes – this may change as we expand; and 2. Envelope printing is a tricky beast, and we need LOTS of extra envelopes as the machines inevitable eat some, plus doing color matching, font matching and not knowing your envelope type as it may be too thick, etc. for our machines has made us remove this service unless you are one of our brides and we anticipate all of these needs.


Q : So how does this work?
A : We start with getting together and chatting, click to learn more > (COMING SOON)

Q : How do I schedule a consultation?
A : To schedule a consultation, please fill out our little form here and you will then be directed to our online appointment calendar. Consultations are generally T-F at 8:30am or 6:30pm or Saturday at 4:30pm.

Q : Do I have to schedule an appointment?
A : YES. We are a very small shop and often there is only one person working that also has to handle people shopping as well plus consults generally take 90 minutes – but there’s champagne, and they are totally fun!

Q : Can’t I just pop in and flip through albums?
A : NO. As stated above, we want to devote the time this fun process takes as this is all in preparation for your big day, and you need to be our focus. Schedule a consultation >

Q : What is your turnaround time and when should we mail our invitations?
A : Ideal timing:
SAVE THE DATES FROM ALBUMS : order 7 – 9 months, mail out 6 – 8 months before your wedding
WEDDING INVITATIONS FROM ALBUMS : order 3 – 4 months out, mail 2 months before your wedding
LS BESPOKE SAVE THE DATES : start discussing 9 months – 1 year, mail out 6 – 8 months before your wedding
LS BESPOKE WEDDING INVITATIONS : begin designing 6 months out, mail 2 months before your wedding

Q : How many invites do I need?
A : This will seem very logical, but it’s almost always overlooked…remember that each wedding guest doesn’t need their own invitation. You will more than likely be sending one per couple or family. For quick estimating, think of your total guest list and divide by two. Once the guest list is more firm, and we are further on in the design process a firm number will be needed PLUS order 15% more (or to be easy, say 20–30 extra) save-the-dates and/or invitations with envelopes in case you have to add to the guest list or you make a mistake when assembling or addressing the envelopes.

Q : How much do invitations cost?
A : We are currently working on new packages, but generally 100 invitations begin around $1,000 – click to learn more > (COMING SOON) While we have designed invitations that cost $10,000+ we know that that certainly isn’t for everyone, you need to find a comfortable spot in YOUR budget and I can advise you to the best printing methods to achieve your vision for the right dollar amount.
If that’s out of your budget scope, we can still offer guidance. We have teamed up with a great company, and you can order your invitations online, but come in for one consultation (fee).

Q : Can I customize the font, color, or illustration of a design?
A : Yes, yes, and maybe. Depending on the path you choose, whether it be a design from a curated album or from the LS Collection you can change the font and color for any design. With regards to any illustrations, ite entirely depends on the selection…it may be possible, and there may be an increased cost to change the illustration, if it is possible.

Q : Can I incorporate photographs into the wedding designs?
A : Of course! The earlier we discuss this in the process, the better as there may need to be retouching done to the photos themselves, which we can handle in-house. One thing to be sure you aware of, is if you have the rights from your photographer to reproduce images, or make any edits. If you are unsure of this, I’d be happy to speak with your photographer.

Q : Do you hand paint everything for your wedding invitations? No, we don’t hand paint everything, but we certainly can, it’s all dependent on the client’s budget. That being said, all Lovely Somethings wedding invitations are designed by Liz Scott. We do carry albums by several other designers as well, including Bella Figura, Vera Wang, William Arthur, Haute Papier and more.

Q : What do I NEED aside from invitations for my wedding?
A : Technically nothing, but here is a list of other possibilities, click to learn more > (COMING SOON)

Q : I love the earth, do you?
A : Yes, yes I do. While I do the little I can, like recycling, different printers offer different options so far as soy-based inks and we can source different degrees of recycled paper, just let me know how important this is to you.

Q : How much can I expect to pay in postage?
A : I know, yet another “it depends” answer. The official answer is that it all depends on the weight of your invitation, so your paper selections, how many pieces, if you have a liner, even the extra weight of the stamp for your rsvp envelope can change the postage fee. I insist that you take a completed invitation to the post office that you will be mailing from to get a quote, because while it shouldn’t change from post office to post office, unfortunately it often does. Generally wedding invitations take the 70something cent stamp and increase based on some of the above factors. (and don’t forget you will need a stamp for your rvps as well – either a postcard stamp or one of the “forever” stamps).

Q : What is your cancellation policy?
A : If there is a need to cancel your order, please contact Lovely Somethings right away. If we have not received your final approval and your project has not gone into production, you are responsible for your deposit and any materials (paper, ribbon, etc.) that have been purchased. If your project has gone into the production process you are responsible for the entire amount as stated in your contract. Because of the personalization of invitations, etc. orders are non-refundable, without exception. Every effort is made to assure your satisfaction.