Frequently Asked Questions

Do you (Lovely Somethings/Liz Scott) design everything shown on this site? Simply, no. I am in the process of creating a production line of cards that will soon be sold in the online shop, but for now all of those items were have hand-picked from designers and printers across the country. The designs in the slideshows were all custom created by Lovely Somethings owner, Liz Scott.

How long have you been doing this? The short answer, invitation designs: 14 years, owning the shop, approaching 2 years. LEARN MORE >

I’m trying to figure out what the font is from an invitation I saw in a magazine, can you help? My suggestion is to take a photo with your phone or scan the page and visit: What the Font! at >


Q : How/where/what do I even do to begin planning my wedding invitations?
A : First, take a deep breath, I am here to help and guide you, and I promise you will love it! Weddings are a huge part of the Lovely Somethings realm, so leave the worrying to us. You will find some answers below, but feel free to drop us a line at to schedule an invitation consultation or ask any questions.

Q : Do you have albums I can flip through?
A : YES, but please schedule an appointment by calling 330.376.1677 or emailing as a consultation generally takes about an hour. Even if you just want to flip through them without discussing anything, we still recommend that you setup an appointment or at least call ahead of time to ensure that no one else is using them. We have gorgeous albums for you to review from noted designers, Vera Wang, William Arthur, Haute Papier, Tag & Co. plus Liz Scott’s, owner of Lovely Something, custom designs.

Q : Custom sounds scary/expensive, is it?
A : A majority of our wedding invitations end up being custom, or rather one-of-a-kind. The simple reasoning behind that is because it’s often the best solution to give you what you want, incorporating all aspects of your wedding, and fitting with your budget. So, it can be expensive, but only if you want it to be. If you do find a design you want to replicate in our Custom Lovely Somethings portfolio we can certainly accommodate that.

Q : How early should I start planning for my invitations, Save the Dates, etc.?
A : Ideally 4-6 months before is recommended, but we pull off design miracles everyday so don’t hesitate to ask – there may be slightly limited printing choices, and costs may change but we’re always up for a challenge. Remember, minimally you want to mail your invitations 2 months before the big day, and try to give yourself 2 months before that to arrange everything. Once we have a consultation and the contract is signed, you will be provided with a precise timeline.

Q : What should I be prepared with for our first consultation?
A : Please be ready to discuss the following, though depending on timing, I know first hand that these answers could change a few times:
SAMPLES YOU LIKE (Magazines, Internet, Pinterest)
DOWNLOAD : LS WEDDiNGS Consultation >

Q : What do I NEED aside from invitations for my wedding?
A : I can’t help but be cheesy with this answer…all you NEED is your significant other. You don’t NEED wedding invitations, sometimes the most memorable weddings are non-traditional, you can call/text, email with great services like Paperless Post, but we are here for what you WANT. I would love to help you from the most basic monogram that you could incorporate to those non-traditional methods to my favorite, paper invitations. Once you decide on paper, the options are endless.
Here is a checklist of some possibilities to consider, DOWNLOAD : LS WEDDiNGS Checklist >

Q : How much do your invitations cost?
A : You just opened a can of worms! But don’t worry I will make them the prettiest worms you’ve ever seen. We have designed invitations ranging from $4 to $35 per invitation. Unfortunately I can not give you an estimate, without first consulting with you to know your likes, dislikes, overall budget and considering printing options. These printing choices are why there is such a gamut in pricing. Just think if you were to draw something on a sheet of paper & have Kinko’s copy it, versus ribbons galore and hand calligraphy outer envelopes, lined with handmade paper, with super-think pure cotton letterpress invitations, diecut to show a photo of your first date. You see there could be quite a range, and please don’t feel overwhelmed, that’s why you are coming to Lovely Somethings. We will sort all of the details out for you and you will walk away with a ballpark quote, followed up with a line-item estimate.

Q : Can I incorporate photographs into the wedding designs?
A : Of course! The earlier we discuss this in the process, the better as there may need to be retouching done to the photos themselves, which we can handle in-house. One thing to be sure you aware of, is if you have the rights from your photographer to reproduce images, or make any edits. If you are unsure of this, I’d be happy to speak with your photographer.

Q : I love the earth, do you?
A : Yes, yes I do. While I do the little I can, like recycling, different printers offer different options so far as soy-based inks and we can source different degrees of recycled paper, just let me know how important this is to you.

Q : How many invites do I need?
A : This will seem very logical, but it’s almost always overlooked, at first: each wedding guest doesn’t need their own invitation. Remember you will more than likely be sending one per couple or family. For quick estimating, think of your total guest list and divide by two. Once the guestlist is more firm, and we are further on in the design process a firm number will be needed PLUS order 15% more (or to be easy, say 20–30 extra) save-the-dates and/or invitations with envelopes in case you have to add to the guest list or you make a mistake when assembling or addressing the envelopes.