We have been so busy creating #customlovelysomethings wedding invitations, on buying trips to New York City to bring you the best paper goods, and always striving for some sort of work/life balance that our poor baby blog has been neglected. Hopefully all of that is about to change, as we make an announcement in the next day or so…

In the meantime, some goodness coming up:
WEDNESDAY 9/13 – Liz will be at the Suzuran studio in CLE as Suzanne will be photographing all of our 2017 Wedding Invitations

TUESDAY 9/19 – Our friend Lauren Skunta of Elbowgrease is coming to Lovely Somethings to talk about an awesome winter art installation for the shop.

FRIDAY 9/21 – We will be over at leaf/Every Blooming thing, leading a workshop on Beet Dip Dyed stationery, plus Matthew will lead a floral arranging workshop, and Kaley of Urban Buzz will teach you how to make a fall candle. REGISTER NOW >

SUNDAY 10/1 – Head down the street to see us The Gardener of Bath’s Art Fest (Lovely Somethings will be open that day as well)

WEDNESDAY 10/11 – Lovely Somethings’ 3rd Birthday!!!!!

WEDNESDAY 11/15 – Portage Country Club’s Holiday Boutique (members & guests only)

FRIDAY 11/24 – The Bath Bridge Lighting

SUNDAY 11/26 – Cool Yule here at Ghent Square – horse drawn wagons, Santa and more!

WEDNESDAY 12/13 – The annual Lovely Somethings Customer Appreciation Holiday Party

Did you get all of that down into your planner? Oh, you need a 2018 planner, YES we do still have some 😉


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